Originally from Cardiff, UK. Paul is currently working as the Head of Immersive Technology & innovation at Shelton Fleming’s digital team, playing a leading role across the technical disciplines including the real-time development team, the visualization team, and the general and web development teams. Paul has been a leader in the Immersive landscape for 10 years, speaking at some of the biggest industry events as an Immersive Technologist and Thought Leader, most recently on the potential of the “metaverse” concept and its emergence into our reality. Paul always focuses on delivering high-level creative choices and maximizing the impact of emerging trends in the Immersive industry for a wide range of companies from enterprise heavyweights, digital pioneers, and leading creative studios. Paul has experience of both the customer PoV and client-side perspective, having a full 360° understanding of the Immersive technology industry and how it connects to a wide array of traditional industries, helping to move into the more innovative space of real-time and immersive – having worked globally for enterprise companies and digital boutique development agencies Paul is well placed to add value to any team.

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