Michael Barnett’s extensive experience in community growth led him to found InGo which empowers communities to grow by connecting current and potential members. The power of these communities to shape decisions is massive. One report shows that 92% of consumers trust a suggestion from a family member or friend over any other form of communication.

Seriously, he loves communities and their stories. Michael Barnett’s unique community-building accomplishments along with his experience speaking for over one hundred human rights non-profits across the US on how to build communities of volunteers and donors helped him realize the massive untapped potential in the human relationships that form communities.

As an undergrad he studied international relations and philosophy, his interest in social connection inspired him to build two small communities within his Alma Matter, Virginia Tech. First, was an international relations organization, which launched a nationwide high school international relationship conference. Next, he grew a higher education lobbying organization, which under his leadership registered a record number of students to vote.

His love for communities deepened academically when he served a member of the British Parliament in 2006. During that time he simultaneously studied the devolution of Scottish Parliament from England, and the integration of Britain into the European bloc. This lead to his thesis, Europe and Britain lack a commonly held unifying story and will ultimately devolve.

The social networks which launched in the early 2000’s unlocked extraordinary potential, but they missed something critical. They flattened communities into one massive digital experience.

InGo launched in 2014 to empower communities and their existing digital and physical experiences. During that first year, it served 80,000 members of a few dozen communities. Since, it has grown exponentially to serve five million leaders of industry in over 1,000 communities.

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