Jon Berry, Co-Founder of B Corp environmental consultancy Tyler Grange, will examine how
the four-day work week can benefit sustainable objectives – based on his own experience,
after implementing a permanent four-day week following a successful six-month pilot.
Since working reduced hours, the company – which has over 100 employees and six offices
across the UK – has reduced its CO2 emissions from business mileage by a third. And despite
working 80% of the time, the team is achieving 103% productivity for the same pay and
benefits, which means that they’re 23% more productive. The firm has also seen an 88%
increase in CVs received and a 66% reduction in absenteeism.
To be able to successfully work a four-day week, the firm introduced several sustainable
business practices in preparation for the move – cutting down on bureaucracy, unnecessary
meetings and travel other inefficiencies to free up time for everyone to do their jobs.
As a result, the firm’s employees are 14% happier and 28% less tired – according to the
Alertness App Tyler Grange developed in preparation for adopting a four-day week. To
achieve sustainable productivity, it’s essential to recognise that output and creativity are
jeopardised when we’re feeling stressed and overworked.
An in-house clinical psychologist, a mindfulness coach, a resilience coach and has access to
paid counselling also does wonders to combat this at Tyler Grange.
Jon is passionate that we should all consider how we can reduce emissions and live and
work more sustainably. These are just a few ways that he can discuss making a difference –
and there are more that he can share, from his own experiences. To inspire and empower
more people to help drive change, for the good, in their own workplaces.
Tyler Grange is a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on ESG, a member of the
Better Business Network and supports the Better Business Act – all of which promote a
cleaner, greener, fairer future for all.

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