Charlie Brownridge currently serves as the General Manager of Temporary Overlay for PMY in the UK. With over two decades of professional experience, Charlie is a seasoned expert in the events and technology industries.

Charlie’s career in the events sector began in 2003 when he joined Spindlewood, a renowned event technology firm. Before his tenure at Spindlewood, he held senior Sales & Operational positions at Avery Weightronix and Chubb, both global market leaders in their respective industries, focusing on weighing solutions and electronic security.

Joining Spindlewood in 2003, Charlie initially took charge of the Sales & Service function, swiftly establishing long-term contracts and implementing critical operational procedures. His remarkable contributions led to his appointment to the board of Directors in 2005, and later to the position of Commercial Director in 2009. In this role, he oversaw all financial, sales, and marketing aspects of the business.

In 2013, he was promoted to Managing Director, assuming overall responsibility for Spindlewood’s operations.

In 2022, following PMY’s acquisition of Spindlewood, Charlie continued with the business, taking on the role of General Manager of Temporary Overlay. In this capacity, he manages the combined operations of Etherlive, also acquiesced, and Spindlewood, delivering temporary overlay services.

Throughout his two-decade career, Charlie has been instrumental in the technical delivery of numerous high-profile events, including Glastonbury, ABBA Voyage (2022), Boomtown, Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, BBC Earth Experience (2023), BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend, and BBC Radio 2. His wealth of experience and expertise make him an invaluable asset to PMY’s team.

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