Beth Frost is the leading engagement specialist at Noonah, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the session, “Event Merchandise for a Sustainable Tomorrow. With a degree in Events Management, specialising in experiential marketing, Beth’s passion for creating memorable event experiences shines through in her work.

Beth’s impressive career has seen her collaborate with renowned brands like Adobe, BBC, and Salesforce, both in the UK and abroad. Her experience in handling various projects has provided her with a unique perspective on the intersection of events, branding, and sustainability.

As a dedicated advocate for sustainable practices, Beth has honed her skills in creating event merchandise that not only captivates audiences but also aligns with eco-friendly principles. Her insights and accomplishments make her an invaluable contributor to the session, offering a fresh perspective on the future of event merchandise in a sustainable world. Join Beth Frost as she shares her wealth of knowledge and practical strategies for a more environmentally conscious approach to events.

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