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Sustainability has evolved from a ‘nice-to-have’, to a key factor driving our customers’ primary business decisions. Major national events now demand our sustainability strategy to…

Sustainability has evolved from a ‘nice-to-have’, to a key factor driving our customers’ primary business decisions. Major national events now demand our sustainability strategy to take centre stage when evaluating tender responses.
Responding to this demand, our business and brands in the UK have developed initiatives to deliver a customised strategy per project based on a common set of principles.
With regards to a specific project that we feel demonstrates this approach for Event Sustainability Live, we are proud to showcase our involvement with the groundbreaking BBC Earth project, in collaboration with Moon Eye Productions, whereby audio-visual and IT were seamlessly integrated to deliver a sustainable experience to visitors with clear sustainable deliverables.
The former Earls Court Exhibition Centre, London was chosen as the site for the UK’s largest immersive audio and visual experience, captivating audiences with a remarkable journey narrated by the esteemed David Attenborough. As a trusted partner in this momentous venture, PMY played a vital role in designing and deploying the technology systems that ensured an uninterrupted visitor journey.
As a part of our engagement with the powerful project, our team took the opportunity to apply project-specific actions inspired by our internal Key Sustainability Principles:
1. Reducing the carbon footprint of our deployment teams through the use of public transport and shared equipment drops.
2. Optimizing cable routes and deploying a new ‘system safe off (SSO)’ program that disables some IT systems overnight to reduce power consumption.
3. Conducting project reviews in online meetings whenever possible, unless our resources are already in central London.
4. Implementing a planned legacy pathway for hardware at the end of the deployment (expected to last several years) to minimize e-waste.
By way of background, our internal key sustainability principles are as follows:
1. Micro Changes Matter: We believe that even small changes can make a big difference. Our teams, both in the office and during project workflows, consider the environmental aspects of their activities. From using the office dishwasher less to suggesting virtual client meetings, we strive to make conscious choices that reduce our ecological footprint.
2. Smarter Equipment Transport: As an events industry leader, we acknowledge the need for equipment movement. However, our teams minimise carbon emissions by transporting equipment to the site only once. In many cases, the equipment seamlessly transitions to the next site, eliminating the need for multiple van drops during the build process.
3. Smarter Crew Travel: By utilising central equipment drops, we enable our crews to rely on public transportation when traveling to and from sites. While remote locations may present challenges, we always explore alternative options and possibilities to reduce emissions associated with crew travel. Additionally, we support the “cycle to work” scheme, further encouraging environmentally conscious commuting choices.
4. Lights Out: Balancing power consumption and network reliability is a constant consideration. While event networks span across entire sites, we prioritise low-power solutions. We leverage battery options and a network emulation tool to thoroughly test deployments before physically powering them up, minimising energy usage.
5. Use Once, Use Many: We believe in maximising the lifespan of our network equipment. Our gear is reused multiple times, and components like patch cords and fiber are re-reeled and stored for future events at the same site, as the configurations often remain consistent. Alternatively, they are re-terminated for deployment elsewhere, reducing unnecessary waste.
We recognise that sustainability measures are no longer optional but rather a necessity for industry players.
Our partnership with BBC Earth and Moon Eye Productions demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and technological innovation. We firmly believe that the integration of AV and IT can powerfully convey sustainable messages to diverse audiences, creating awareness and inspiring positive change. This achievement marks a pivotal milestone in our journey, motivating us to explore new avenues to elevate sustainability standards within the industry.

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